24 and 25 Weeks

Week 24

Monday - The WOD was the Filthy 50's which is 10 movements, 50 Reps of each...I scaled it down to 35 Reps each and subbed good mornings for the back extensions. 

Tuesday - 3x5 Push Press with 65#s

Wednesday - Rest Day

Thursday - KB Class

Friday - 100 Push Press 45#'s

I've been working a lot more on overhead strength this week...my hips bother me when I do too much lower body.


Week 25

Monday - 5 Rounds of 8 Deadlifts, 6 Hang Power Cleans, and 4 Push Press with 65#'s.  This workout was a 10 Minute AMRAP but I decided 5 Rounds would be good and I was done around 6 minutes in.

Later that night I did 5 Minutes of Hang Power Cleans, Front Squat, and Push Press - I got 20 Rounds which I was happy with.  I wasn't focused on intensity- just the strength aspect.

Tuesday - Rest Day

Wednesday - 3 Rounds 400 Meter Run/Walk, 10 Push Press, 20 Push-ups

Thursday - KB workout

Friday/Saturday - rest days