22 Weeks

Monday - Tabata Sumo Deadlift High Pull (55#s), Squats, Wall Balls, Burpees....I think my total number of reps was a little over 200.

Tuesday - Pull-up Volume Ladder - got to round 8...I could have done more but was happy to be able to do 36 unassisted pull-ups still at this point.  I want to keep my pull-ups through my pregnancy so I am trying to do between 20-30 a day.  I can only do 4 at the most at one time...... Then I did Kettlebell Chair Press, 5 Sets of 25#'s on each arm.

Then the week got a little hectic - the baby seems to want to move all over which my DR thinks is causing me to have these sharp abdominal pains.  I took the rest of the week off to rest.