Ahhhh so I guess no 135lb clean for me this year....

I am guessing when most women find out they are pregnant a million thoughts run through their head ranging from exitement to nervousness to concern about if they will be a good parent.  When I saw the positive test, besides the inital shock of becoming a parent, I immediately started thinking about all the goals I had for myself this year (135lb clean, Grace RX'd, 25 Consecutive kipping pull-ups, sub 25 min. 5K, muscle-up....and the list goes on). 

I have known for years that I wanted to own my own affiliate.  I wanted to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle through CrossFit and training.  I loved helping people discover their inner athlete and see their bodies transform.  Now I had to balance my changing body as well as open a business and everything else that comes along with it.

Once it sank in, I immediately started researching how to still do CrossFit while pregnant.  There are tons of resources out there and plenty of other women that have done it so I knew I was OK to continue with it, there were just a few things I had to modify.

This blog is going to be dedicated to how I have managed to stay fit doing CrossFit, eat as  healthy as possible and maintain my sanity while opening a gym!

These are pics from me doing "baby GI Jane" 50 burpee pull-ups at 14 weeks pregnant.