OCR Class Starting This Saturday

The OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) Class is returning this Saturday (4/1) at 7:30am.  The workout will last anywhere from 60-90 minutes.  This is a fun and challenging class that will focus on endurance and obstacles.  Come prepared to be outside even if it is cold.  You will be able to practice rope climbing, monkey bars, rings, sand bag carry, bucket carry, etc.  There is no previous experience required to take this class, just the motivation to push yourself!  You also do not have to sign up for any races, if you just want a long, mentally and physically challenging workout then this class is open to you. 

This class is included in unlimited membership and counts as a class for a 3x per week membership.  There is an OCR punch card available for non-members for $120 for 8 classes.



Method to Programming

At Collar City Athletics we offer a variety of classes throughout the week from strength to HIIT to endurance to Kettlebell to yoga.  We follow a 6 week cycle where the body part and focus of the workout is different day to day so you can come every day of the week and not do the same type of workout 2 days in a row.   This allows your body to work different types of movements every day, not over train a specific movement resulting in increased fitness.  Within 1 week there will be 2 strength days, 2 endurance workouts and 3-4 HIIT style workouts.  There is always a core/ab focus at some point in the class whether it is the workout itself or the cool down.  Sometimes the strength workout will come in the form of a longer workout where you are building up over the course of many sets or you might be doing a max effort for 1 rep to test your strength.   Endurance workouts include a variety of body weight and cardio-based movements for a duration of 20 minutes or more.   The high intensity interval workouts include a few movements done at high intensity for shorter periods of time.

One day per week the workout typically involves Kettlebells and either focuses on strength or endurance.   Working out with Kettlebells helps you build and balance your bi-lateral (R&L) strength body as well as improve grip strength, which transfers to barbell and pull-up bar work..

On weekends we offer three types of endurance workouts - the Saturday Grind, 30+ minute workouts involving body weight and strength movements; Obstacle Course Race training, our 90-minute class aimed at building the strength, skill and endurance required for obstacle course events; and Sunday morning strength workouts, which are longer workouts that generally include strength, body weight and cardio components.

By the end of the week at Collar City Athletics, no matter how many days you've come in, you will have worked nearly every part of the body with over 50 exercises, from warm-up to cool-down, through a variety of workouts designed to maximize total-body strength and fitness.



UPDATE Thursday Classes

2/9 the 5:15, 6pm workout, 6-8 lifting and 6pm Yoga are cancelled.  Please drive safe.  Brenna will be at the gym at 4:30 to do the workout if you wanted to go and do it with her. 

Here is an at home workout if you can't make it in: 

10-1 Jumping Lunges (both legs count as 1 rep)

1-10 Sit ups (grab a weight and hold onto it if you have one) 

*With 5 squat thrusts in between each set

#newyearnewyou and Goals - Part III

Part III - Coaches and January promotion-  #newyearnewyou

We have discussed accountability and setting bite sized goals that are achievable, but we have yet to discuss the best tool available - your coaches! All of the coaches at CCA are an amazing resource and they want to help you! Not sure what your goals should be? Talk to a coach! Any of our coaches can help you prioritize your fitness goals. Not sure of your plan of attack? Guess what?!? A coach can help you!   All of our coaches coach because they want to see our athletes be the best they can be. They want to help you set goals and crush them. Need help with your diet? Ask a coach! Need help with some extra strength work? Ask a coach! Want some tips to get double unders? You guessed it - ask a coach!


We actually want you to set your goals, share them, and crush them so much so that we have based our January promotion around goal setting! Our January promotion is a raffle for one of the new CCA sweatshirts - your choice -  with multiple ways to earn tickets. First, to be eligible for this raffle and to earn a ticket, you must discuss your goals with a coach. This doesn’t have to be a formal meeting! Set up to 5 goals and get a ticket for each goal! Get each of those 5 goals up on the board to earn 5 more tickets. Post a weekly update of Facebook (as a check in) or Instagram (tag CCA) discussing what you are doing that week to help achieve each of your goals and get 1 ticket per goal! And finally, 5 tickets for each goal crushed! You can have 5 goals at any time throughout the month. Crushed a goal 3 weeks in? Set another and get it up on the board to get your 2 tickets!  Coach Jess or Kristi are happy to answer any questions. Let’s make 2017 the best year yet - together!


Are you ready for a successful #newyearnewyou?


#newyearnewyou and Goals - Part II

Part II - How -  #newyearnewyou

We made it through the “why” of setting goals, now let's talk about types of goals and how to set them. First, most folks typically don’t follow through with big changes. If they do, they don't typically keep it up for the long run. The best way to set goals is to make them bite sized and manageable. What do I mean by that? Well, if you set a goal of getting a muscle up when you don’t have a strict pull up, you will be very disappointed after a month when you still don’t have a muscle up. The problem in this instance is that this goal is too big and not easily attainable. A better goal would be to work on some part of a strict pull up progression. If you are using green band at the beginning of the month, a reasonable goal would be to get to a blue band at the end of the month. This is manageable and achievable as long as you put the work in. And again, we are being reasonable here. You just can’t set your goal as going from the green band to strict pull ups in a month. That being said, having longer-term goals is great to! Keep that muscle up on your list, but have bite sized intermediate goals to get you there. To be successful, it’s important to make your goal part of your routine. Make it a habit.

To make your goal part of your routine, make it a habit to work on it a few days a week either before or after class. Get in some 5 x 5 pull ups before class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you want to bet better at wall balls - be part of your own 30 day wall ball challenge. I’m sure you can sucker someone else from class to do them with you! Lacking mobility? Spend some time working on it before or after class. 5 minutes regularly can make a world of difference. Want to get your trainwreck of a diet in check (looking at myself here!), again, start small. Maybe prep all your breakfasts or lunches for the week. Don’t forget about part 1 and accountability here either. Sharing what you are doing holds you accountable and gives you a support network. Little changes over time can make a really big impact with consistency.


Feeling stuck? Let’s prioritize! What is your overall why? Why do you come to CCA? For me, it helps me to be the best version of myself. It helps me clean the slate to start fresh for the next day. Now that I have my why, I can determine what makes me feel like I am the best version of myself. For me, a good snatch makes me feel awesome. Nothing better than hitting a good snatch with good form. So one of my goals is to get a 46 kg snatch. Totally attainable over time! You want to know why? Because I have a "why" and a battle plan that I stick to. Still feeling stuck? Let’s work together to figure out your why and come up with some reasonable goals (see Part 3). We want to see you continue to get awesome! Feeling motivated and ready to crush your goals? Let’s work together to make that happen.

Come back tomorrow for #newyearnewyou and Goals - Part III! 

#newyearnewyou and Goals - Part 1

Part I - Why - #newyearnewme 

Written by Kristi LaMonica

How many times has everyone seen that hashtag? How long does the sentiment of the hashtag tend to last? Sadly, not long for a lot of people. Many folks either set too many goals at once, or goals that are not attainable in a reasonable amount of time. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re already a member of CCA and come to the gym regularly or at least every so often (let’s change that and get you here more often!). Check going to the gym off your #newyearnewme list! You’re already working out, but could your workouts be better? Yes! Setting goals can make your workouts better.

Why set goals?

First off, why should you set goals? Setting goals holds you accountable. If a person sets a goal and makes a plan (we’ll come back to that in part 2!), then they tend to be more accountable. To be even more accountable, it’s even better to share your goal! We do have a lovely goal board for sharing! When you share your goal, not only do you hold yourself more accountable, but your CCA family will hold you accountable as well. How many times have you put off doing something that you know you should have done because no one was holding you to it? Accountability will help you become more regular with your schedule because you have something you want to accomplish and you also don’t want to let your friends down!

accountability meme.jpg

Setting goals also helps give your gym time a purpose. When you don’t have a purpose, it is easier to skip workouts. There are a lot of things that we all want to get better at, but without focus, it’s easy to spin the wheels and not get anywhere. Having a purpose allows you to take charge of your workout. If my goal is to get double unders, it would make sense for me to put more effort into double under attempts instead of using a lot of energy to go RX with the weight. Or if your goal is to go RX more with weights, you may want to skip working on double unders, stick with the singles, and spend more time on the barbell component. But, with no purpose, you may be expending too much energy on everything or not enough on anything. Sharing your goal will also help your coaches coach you better! They can focus their cues and encouragement on helping you reach your goals.

Setting goals and sharing them also provides you with a support network. It’s easier for your CCA cheerleaders to cheer for you if we know what you are working on! All seems reasonable, right? But a lot of us neglect this important component of our workouts!

Come back tomorrow and Saturday for #newyearnewyou and Goals - Part II and III! 

Winter Weather

As we begrudgingly head into winter I wanted to remind everyone to check the website, social media and Front Desk about the status of classes if we have a winter storm.  We never want to close or cancel a class but we use our best judgement and do what is smart for our coaches and members.  If you sign up for class (please sign up) then you will get an email letting you know if class is cancelled.  The class will also be marked as cancelled in FD.  We will cancel up to 1 hour before class so if you don't see anything after that then class is on. 

As always, use your best judgement when making the decision to head to the gym in messy weather.  We will post some at home workouts for you to do on those days.   



It is with a very heavy heart that I have to post this, Colette was one of our absolute favorite members at the gym.  She was an awesome athlete and always had a way of lighting up the gym when she was in class.  We are planning a Hero Workout in her honor next Sunday, Dec. 18th at 10am.  

East Greenbush-Colette M. DeJulio age, 49 years, passed away December 9, 2016, surrounded by her loving family. She was born in Albany and lived all of her life in Rensselaer and East Greenbush. Colette was a 1985 graduate of Bishop Maginn High School in Albany and received her BA and Masters Degrees from Russell Sage College. At the time of her death she was Clinical Care Coordinator for the Rensselaer County Dept. of Mental Health. She was the first girl to play Little League in East Greenbush and was an avid Softball, Basketball and Volleyball player. Colette cared deeply about her clients and was also a personal trainer for many years. She had a strong and joyous personality that lit up a room and was loved by all who knew her. 
Beloved daughter of Thomas and Marilyn Charland DeJulio; loving sister of Gregory (Dawn) DeJulio of Wynantskill and Felicia (Vincent) Luca of Clifton Park; adored niece of Jean Boese of St. Petersburg, FL, Felix (Lois) DeJulio of Ocala,. FL, Frank (Terri) DeJiulio of Hudson, FL and Rev. David DeJulio of Tampa, FL; loving cousin of Anna May (Bob) Seward of East Greenbush, Linda (John) Powers of West Sand Lake as well as many other cousins. Beloved aunt of Joseph and Francesca Luca, Serena, Joshua and Matthew DeJulio.
Funeral from the W. J. Lyons Jr. Funeral Home 1700 Washington Avenue Rensselaer Tuesday morning at 9:00 and 10:00 at St. John the Evangelist and St. Joseph Church Herrick Street Rensselaer where the Liturgy of Christian Death and Burial will be offered. Relatives and friends are invited and may call at the funeral home Monday from 5-8 PM.
The family would like to thank the Hospice Inn at St. Peter’s Hospital, Rite Aid Pharmacy in East Greenbush and The Bruen Rescue Squad in East Greenbush for their care and concern and special thanks to Dr. Gasson and staff from the Radiology
Unit at St. Peter’s Hospital for all their compassion and care during the last nine months.
Contributions in Colette’s memory may be made to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, 3 Oakland Avenue Menands, NY 12204 or the Hospice Inn at St. Peter’s Hospital 315 So. Manning Blvd. Albany NY 12208.