#newyearnewyou and Goals - Part III

Part III - Coaches and January promotion-  #newyearnewyou

We have discussed accountability and setting bite sized goals that are achievable, but we have yet to discuss the best tool available - your coaches! All of the coaches at CCA are an amazing resource and they want to help you! Not sure what your goals should be? Talk to a coach! Any of our coaches can help you prioritize your fitness goals. Not sure of your plan of attack? Guess what?!? A coach can help you!   All of our coaches coach because they want to see our athletes be the best they can be. They want to help you set goals and crush them. Need help with your diet? Ask a coach! Need help with some extra strength work? Ask a coach! Want some tips to get double unders? You guessed it - ask a coach!


We actually want you to set your goals, share them, and crush them so much so that we have based our January promotion around goal setting! Our January promotion is a raffle for one of the new CCA sweatshirts - your choice -  with multiple ways to earn tickets. First, to be eligible for this raffle and to earn a ticket, you must discuss your goals with a coach. This doesn’t have to be a formal meeting! Set up to 5 goals and get a ticket for each goal! Get each of those 5 goals up on the board to earn 5 more tickets. Post a weekly update of Facebook (as a check in) or Instagram (tag CCA) discussing what you are doing that week to help achieve each of your goals and get 1 ticket per goal! And finally, 5 tickets for each goal crushed! You can have 5 goals at any time throughout the month. Crushed a goal 3 weeks in? Set another and get it up on the board to get your 2 tickets!  Coach Jess or Kristi are happy to answer any questions. Let’s make 2017 the best year yet - together!


Are you ready for a successful #newyearnewyou?