Schedule Updates

We will be adding a 9:45am class to Tuesday and removing the 12pm class that day, we asked members that went to both classes and this seemed like the best option for Tuesday.  We will still have a noon on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Saturday classes are staying the same, 7:30am for OCR and 8:30am Grind but we are taking off Open Gym for the month of May.  We found that most people went to class.  There is the possibility of keeping it open for lifting so email us if that interests you.

Please sign up for class!  You can do so by clicking "class sign up" on the website and signing in through Front Desk.  If you don't have an account you can create it using your email address.  This is especially important for 12pm and 6:30pm classes.  If no one is signed up for class an hour before it starts, the coach has the right to cancel that class.  This has always been our policy.  If you are unable to sign up, you can call or email and let us know you will be there.  If you have any concerns about this, please talk to Jess.

We have some fun things in the work for May so stay tuned!