Monday 3/12/18


500 M Row
3 Sets:
10 KB Deadlift
10 Good Mornings
10 Squats
10 Push-ups

4x12 Deadlift
*Last 2 sets should be at least the weight you did for 10 reps last week.

For Time:
Wall Balls
MB Sit-ups

*Optional Strength this week is Back Squat 4x12.  If you are doing this lift today, then squat before you DL.

50 Hollow Rocks

We are excited to announce that Phil Saxton has joined our coaching staff and will be starting with the 6:30am class tomorrow morning.  Welcome Phil!  Check out our main page for some Phil's bio and how he got started in the fitness industry.


18.1 is an option Friday or can be done during the Saturday grind (or any open gym).

The workout, scaling options and movement standards are here:


20 minute AMRAP

8 toes to bar

10 dumbbell hang clean and jerk (50/35)

12 cal row  

(a kettle bell can be subbed for a dumbbell unless you are submitting for the open) 


Have fun!!