Friday 9/15/16

Warm Up:
4 Sets Of
High Knees Down/Back Peddle Back x 4 Sets
20 MT Climbers
10 Jumping Air Squats

5 Sets Of:
400m Run (At ~75-80% Effort)
-Rest 15 Sec-
10 Jumping Lunges
50m Sprint
-Then Slowly Walk Back To Gym. This Is Your Rest Period.
*On The 400s You Want To Pick A Pace You Can Maintain The Entire Time. Dont Start Off Too Fast And Sprint Round 1 And Then Come Round 4-5 You Are 30-40 Sec Slower. Try to Hold Each 400 Within 5-7 Sec Of Each Other.

Part 2:
Every 2 Min x 5 Sets
Romanian Deadlift x 10 Reps
*Light Weight (~30-40% 1 RM DL)
*Focus On Keeping Core Tight, Squeezing Butt At Top, And Driving Through Heels